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Teaching Our Children to Read at Home is a Necessity Tour: New Orleans

10jun10:00 am12:30 pmTeaching Our Children to Read at Home is a Necessity Tour: New Orleans

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2.5 Hour, Humanity Centering, Science of Reading Workshop for Parents and Caregivers

With all the things going on in schools and the podcast Sold a Story out, we know children’s literacy needs aren’t being met at schools.

We want them to be.

We would like to think they will be.

We should all advocate for them to be.

We should all be showing up at our school board meetings and be a voice to so that schools have the support they need for them to be.

All that…yes.

But, in real time, when we think about the current state of:

1.5 MILLION elementary public school teachers,

65,000 elementary schools,

and hundreds of school districts in the country,

we have to name that the knowledge base, curriculum, professional development and so much more is SIMPLY NOT IN PLACE right now to serve all of our children’s literacy needs.

We have to be honest about that friends.

As parents and caregivers with children who have a need NOW – not in some well intended future, what do we do?

As educators and community leaders, what do we do for parents and caregivers, that brings direct and immediate service to children IN REAL TIME?

We have to make sure parents and caregivers have access to an understanding of The Science of Reading and the Science of Learning!

Being raised in a household (whatever that household looks like) where there are caregivers who understand how to connect with their children and build up foundational literacy skills provides children with a significant advantage in life. We should all be committed to facilitating these conditions.

If we know that it is essential for teachers to understand the science of reading and have a scope and sequence for students? Why would it not be necessary for parents to have that knowledge base? If we understand the importance of background knowledge and vocabulary, Why wouldn’t it be essential for parents to know how to build it? If phonemic awareness is vital? Parents should understand it. Right? How can they not? If we know that neuroscience shows us children’s ability to learn flourishes when they feel safe and have a deep sense of belonging? How do we neglect to show parents how to cultivate that at home? Who does it serve that they don’t?

Our 2.5 hr “Teaching our kids to read at home is a NECESSITY” workshop (agenda listed below) provides caregivers with an understanding of these concepts, actionable steps, and well as invites parents and caregivers to be in on-going community with others who are deeply vested and committing in doing this work.

It is perfect for parents of children prek-2nd grade (includes homeschool) parents but can also support those with children in more advanced grades who show signs of struggling and disconnection with print and their caregivers at home.


15 minute Warm up and debrief that highlights the important of home instruction

15 minutes Explanation of brain science based dual model (how reading happens in the brain) and why using science based frameworks is key

1.5 hr Overview of the Simple View of Reading + Reading Rope Frameworks

Elements and simple strategies of how developing and supporting these will look like at home in a way that encompasses criticality, cultural relevance, and joy

30 minutes q & a

This powerful 2.5 hour block provides parents and caregivers with clarity, strategy, actionable steps, and above all a sense of urgency and ability. Handouts will be provided to take home for additional support.

Our workshop is empowerment in action because every child deserves to grow up in a where HOME is the Epicenter of Learning, Healing, & Belonging.


June 10, 2023 10:00 am - 12:30 pm(GMT+00:00)


Community Book Center

2523 Bayou Road, New Orleans, LA 70119

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